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Together we are stronger​

Better Wholesale Prices Through Team Purchasing


Get better pricing for wholesale goods and supplies when you team up together with other businesses!

Get your Early Discount

Start building your team now by introducing people you know that want to buy goods in bulk. Plus get a bonus discount for being one of the first.

Levelling the playing field for small businesses

It’s traditionally been the case that larger enterprises with greater purchasing power get better deals.

With WeMENA Teams, by combining the purchasing power of small businesses they can begin gaining similar price reductions.

How does team purchasing work?

WeMENA Teams lets several businesses combine buying power and trigger volume discounts on thousands of products on our platform.

All you have to do is create your team and start inviting other business contacts to it. Once you see a product you would like to purchase, you can trigger an invitation to your team members to participate in the purchase.

By buying larger quantities in a single transaction our suppliers offer generous discounts. Many small businesses can not hit these volumes on their own, therefore by being able to combine buying power with other businesses it triggers volume discounts and benefits everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very soon. In the meantime, you can start building your team now by introducing other business colleagues. All early participants will get a special bonus discount once the service is live.

In some cases, up to 25% discounts are available for certain products.
As long as the Team Leader is based in the UAE and can take responsibility to forward ship the goods on behalf of any overseas team members it is absolutely fine.

The minimum is two businesses or individuals. So even if it is just you and the cafe next door needing cleaning products that’s enough to start.

Start your Team

  1. All Teams that sign-up before launch get a bonus discount.
  2. Fill in the form and follow the instructions to begin building your Team.
  3. The more people added to your team, the longer your bonus discount will last.